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    Yves Lorenzo Yee

    IT Consultant   &   Full-Stack Web Developer


Full-Stack Spider at Web. "Jack of most trades, Master of some."

When I was in college, I started creating systems written in Visual Basic, VB.Net and Java for our small thesis projects, case studies and other activities. Years after, as a graduating student, I created our final thesis project written in PHP and JavaScript. Apparently, one of the reasons why I chose to pursue Web Development and become a Professional Web Developer.

I became a Web Developer Intern at i5 IT Solutions, and personally trained by the Senior Programmer to use methodologies such as OOP, MVC and in using a PHP Framework like Laravel. As a trainee, I was added in a team for developing a Social Media Website and as soon as I graduated, they absorbed me in the company to become the Lead Developer of the project.

After a year, I shifted with another company, the Koodi Systems. Here, I was prepared to become a Full-Stack Web Developer. Accordingly, I could now handle back-end development, front-end development, application security and server management. I was working with multiple PHP-based projects (Laravel, Drupal and WordPress) and a one-man team at some times. The company also encouraged and inspired me to support and contribute to the IT Community, by participating as a volunteer and a resource speaker in technology events and conferences.

Currently, I am an IT Consultant in Unitynet Corporation and most of the projects I am presently handling are based on PHP and WordPress technologies.


PHP Laravel WordPress SQL JavaScript jQuery AJAX JSON Bash Shell Scripting
MVC OOP Repository Pattern Modular Pattern
HTML5 CSS3 Sass Bootstrap
Web Hosting Server Management
Version Control System Package Manager Tools Project Managent Tools API Application Integration FTP Basic Image Editing
Basic knowledge in Java Visual Basic VB.Net Vue.js